A Visual Account Of Saint Louis, MO

A Visual Account Of Saint Louis, MO

This is a blog dedicated to exploring and recording the St. Louis Metro Area. This includes both the city and county. Please feel free to post ideas of your favorite places, to get them highlighted. I am always looking for that wonderful little hole in the wall just off the beaten path. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Butterfly House at Faust Park

Located in west county near Clarkson Rd and Highway 40 the Missouri Botanical Garden Butterfly House is home to more than 40 different varieties of tropical butterflies. Native Saint Louisans like to think we are impervious to heat and humidity and then you enter the butterfly house and it puts even the balmiest day in the lou to shame. That being said the lepidoptera's lair allow their visitors to leave and re-enter at will once you have purchased a one day pass.

Well anyway enough rambling on to the pictures the blog is called STLographer for criminey sakes.

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